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Credit ratings are an important tool used by banks to assess the default risk of their corporate borrowers and accordingly structure their credit terms. A good credit rating thus helps an enterprise to raise fresh borrowings or renew existing bank facilities on favourable terms.

With an extensive experience in credit rating and finance, our dedicated team of qualified finance professionals can assist in the formal credit rating process, assist in relationships with credit rating agencies, assess likely credit rating outcomes and advice on business and capital management initiatives designed to enhance credit profiles. We can assist with every type of rating activity including initial rating, rating upgrade or defence (during review process) and capital structure analysis.

Our rating advisory solutions include: 

Comprehensive assessment of business, management and financial risks and credit positioning
Benchmarking exercise factoring peers and those in related sectors
Review of existing rating report to understand the risks and suggest suitable approach
Highlight rating framework / approach differences to help shortlist a credit rating agency
Suggest suitable strategy to initial rating process, rating enhancement or defending existing rating
Assist issuer in preparation of information and communication with rating agency (pre and post rating)

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