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A Secured Business Loan is provided for a fixed period of time, within which you need to pay back the loan with agreed interest to reclaim your pledged asset. Because the loan is backed by collateral, the lenders tend to charge lower interest rates and provide the loan for a longer period of time in comparison with other business loan products.

At Vivan Business Consultants, we understand every business is different and so is their loan requirement. Our structured approach to each and every loan proposal ensures that your requirement is pitched with the right lender, to ensure a fast, hassle-free loan without you having to do anything. Every lender has criteria on who they lend to, how much they can lend, documentation requirements and time frame. At Vivan Business Consultants, we identify the suitable bank or NBFC that can provide to bring you just the right loan. We understand and evaluate your business and capital requirements before matching you to the right lender. Our experts will work on your loan proposalto keep the fund raising stress away, so that you can focus on your business.

We help you to obtain loans that suit your requirements, and offer to arrange various products such as:

Term loans for expansion of your business
Working capital finance (overdraft, cash credit, etc.) for taking care of your day to day needs
Trade finance, including letter of credit, buyers credit, bank guarantee, etc. to help you trade in a risk-free manner
Gold metal loan


how we can assist you in raising secured business loans

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