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In today’s uncertain world, businesses find themselves facing supply chain disruptions that have negative impact on their ability to impel shareholder value and customer satisfaction. Potential disruptions include supply chain partners turning financially sick, closing down due to fraud/fund diversion, dealers working with your competitors as well undermining your market share and violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) adopted by most US and European Corporates.

At Vivan, we help in undertaking a comprehensive credit assessment of your existing and prospective dealers/distributors as well as vendors.  We offer customised solutions to corporates and mid-corporates using a structured analytical approach. We can also help create diagnostic tools for periodic review and monitoring.  Our health and risk analytics can help you to identify and retain right vendors/dealers, anticipate operational risks and strengthen risk management function. The supply chain assessments at Vivan are led by seasoned business and credit research experts with understanding of relevant sectors such as automobiles, engineering, pharmaceuticals, real estate, renewable energy, etc.

Our customised supply chain assessment solutions include:

New dealer /distributor and vendor assessment – Analyses promoter capability and highlights business, management and financial risk.
Detailed profitability assessment of existing dealership/distributorship: To determine if the dealership is profitable or not as claimed by the dealer/distributor.
Existing dealer /distributor /vendor portfolio health assessment: Individual analysis of each dealer/vendor followed by detailed analysis /insights at portfolio level. Identify issues of poor governance, fund diversion, poor liquidity position, etc.
Scoring /diagnostic tools for periodic review of the financial health of supply chain partners.
Regulatory compliance assessment to screen and monitor supply chain partners to help ensure compliance with global sanctions and regulations (for e.g. FCPA). Support in communication & training.
Sustainability assessments of existing and prospective vendors on various ESG parameters.
Business Information Reports on existing and new supply chain partners.


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